After years of planning for couples just like you we developed a signature program: The Wedd Well Experience. The Wedd Well process is a refashioned wedding planning experience where we ease the planning process, prevent overwhelm, take care of #allthingsplanning when you enter those busy seasons of work / life and most importantly, we make sure you get to be a part of the celebration on the big day versus working it.

We're strongly against fitting a circle peg into a tiny square hole. Although it is theoretically possible, it's awkward and we shouldn't be working together if you're uncomfortable. Our relationship should feel natural and easy because we'll need you to TRUST us 100%. We're not going to force it if it's not there. All this to say that we should talk to see if we'd be a good fit. Want to know more about the Wedd Well experience? Click below.



(service begins at $4,997)



01 |Design + management


This is our MOST popular offering but also very time consuming so we're limited in the amount of projects we take per year. In partnership with you, Michelle Isabel & Co provides creative direction on all visual elements of your wedding. From concept to design, we'll create the look and feel of everything your guests see, feel and touch creating a functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing environment for your guests to enjoy. 

This is typically a two-month process six to eight months out from your wedding date. We create a visual blueprint for every visual piece of your wedding down to the gift card box style and napkin fold. Along with the 30-page design proposal is a vendor guide and an itemized list of what and where to order the details outline in the proposal.

Three to five hours of service and styling are provided on your wedding day to ensure the wedding design is executed to spec. Design direction will be provided for the following: 

Mood board creation

Color palette

Tabletop design

Centerpiece selection

Linen selection

Rental selection

Paper goods and signage

Ceremony decor / rentals

Cocktail hour decor/rentals

Reception decor/rentals

Cake / Dessert design recommendation

Ceremony, cocktail, reception diagrams and layouts

Bar decor

Lounge selection


Guest activities

Favor selection

Plus management + day-of coordination - see below. Learn more here.


02 |management

COORDINATION (aka Day-of and Month-of)

This service begins 6 weeks before your wedding date and is the perfect fit for the power couple planning all the details. However, you know you want to be able to let go on the big day so all you have to do is show up, be present and party it up. Here is what I do to make it happen.

Wedding starter kit

The point of contact for all creative partners one month before your wedding date

Unlimited communication

Develop site maps and diagrams to distribute to your team members for a smooth loading and unloading of day-of products and services.

Collect COI's

You'll receive a full day production timeline

Timeline will be created well in advance so you are able to review, make adjustments as needed and approve before distribution

Create vendor specific timelines to ensure your creative partners know when and where to be

Confirm order details, delivery/arrival times with each of your creative partners to ensure a smooth wedding day production

One logistics meeting

One in-person meeting to be used as rehearsal

Includes lead planner and one coordinator assistant

Not available without coordination.

Unlimited communication

Direct ceremony

Coordinate wedding party

Execute timeline

Coordinate and greet vendors

Coordinate logistics

Setup secondary decor (favors, name cards, menus, favors)

Supervise chair, table and rental setup

Distribute final payments and gratuities

Assist a designated/trusted member to transfer gifts

Emergency kit available to you at venue site

Includes 10 hours of service

Learn more here


03 |full service


This service is all encompassing. If you've never planned a wedding before, the easiest way I can explain it is to compare it to a construction project (building a home, remodeling a kitchen, a room addition). Except for we can't make mistakes because we only get one shot. This is why I take a project management approach and developed a system to make sure we don't miss a beat. Our first order of business will be a session that I call our Big Planning Meeting (BPM). The BPM is used to discuss every aspect of your wedding in detail. Before our meeting I'll have sent out your welcome message outlining our relationship and expectations. You'll have also been granted access to your online planning portal that'll keep us on track and organized. Lastly, you'll be given a few questionnaires to ensure we make the most of our BPM.

Phase 1: Budget Development
Based on our BPM, I'll develop a preliminary budget itemizing every aspect of the wedding that I'm responsible for keeping track of.

Phase 2: Design
After the budget has been developed and you've shared your Pinterest board with me, I'll start putting together your wedding design. This is a two month long process that takes time to develop. This is critical because it's what'll bring your vision to life. We'll have a design presentation meeting where we'll go over the design I've come up with based on your story and you'll have a chance to make edits. 

Phase 2: Planning, Production, and Budget Management
Once the budget has been finalized and the design approved, we'll begin scouting venues and booking your creative partners. From here you get to relax for a moment while Michelle Isabel & Co takes care of the logistics and details with your wedding team.

Phase 3: Management
Three months out from your wedding date, we'll kick into full gear to wrap up the details and finalize the plans for your big day. Yay! The overall wedding budgets we work with for FULL SERVICE ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 depending on guest count and desired event location. 

Not quite sure?


I've been approached many times by brides that suffer from paralysis by analysis. I get it, it's expensive, it's confusing, it's overwhelming, you're busy and ultimately, you just want to have a beautiful wedding that you and your guests will enjoy. 

I recently created this offering for those that just got engaged but are not quite sure what they need and wondering how to get the party started. It's also for those that can't afford a full-service planner but need assistance with lift-off. Depending on what you define as your biggest obstacle, we'll make your challenge our focus to ensure that you know what steps you need to take to make this celebration happen. 

The call is followed by 3 days of support in case you forgot to ask something on our call.