Wedding Planning Consulting for Couples

Wedding Planning Consulting for Couples


One on one consulting to tackle your biggest planning hurdle.

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Planning a wedding is not easy. Take it from a gal that planned her wedding at the most stressful time of her life. I had just graduated college, was hired and working 60 - 70 hour weeks (because obv. I didn't get the we-are-not-supposed-to-work-that-hard memo), and to top it off my bestie was getting married a few short months before mine and I was the MOH. 

Planning a wedding is like an episode of Fixer Upper. You have to figure out what you want (with the whispers of mom and dad- well, mostly mom- wanting it to be traditional), figure out the amount of space you need (a huge stress point) and then budget correctly. During the planning aka "demo day," as you peel back the layers you'll uncover some bumps in the road: water damage, a hole in the ceiling, sewage issues and who knows what else. And of course, if you're fortunate enough, you'll find original hardwood floors that just need some polishing. With so much misinformation floating around the web, I thought it necessary to create this affordable consulting session for couples that can't necessarily afford a full-service wedding planner and designer or just want to know what to do as a newly engaged couple.

After filling out a questionnaire, I'll bring my best foot forward to our consultation, which will take place via a video conferencing software I use, called Zoom (feel free to download now). You'll receive my expert advice for a targeted problem, a budget guide and a general, but all-encompassing, planning timeline/checklist.