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The only creative director and event producer in my industry specialized in simplistic design for intimate environments in logistically challenging settings.

It's not that you can't plan, pin or aren't super organized, but there is more to weddings than that. It's the silent details, the countless emails, paralysis by analysis, the long hours, not knowing what to prioritize, information overload, and decision fatigue to name a few. In theory, you only get to do this once so we need to get it right the first time.

With over 3,000 events under my belt I've mastered the art of planning (That's my Wedd Well Program, which I'll tell you about later). From corporate events, galas, marathons, press events, and weddings, I realized I enjoyed helping couples brave this uncharted territory. My studies as a pre-law major prepped me for reviewing and negotiating contracts as well as helped me develop a method of research to partner you up with the team that fits you best. I equip you with the most up to date tools so nothing falls through the cracks- emails alone won't cut it these days. While design is a top priority for me, I'm not an over the top designer looking to bedazzle every inch of the table. There is an intentional and understated elegance to my designs.

I work with couples that want a wedding that is different from others they've seen but still want it to feel like a wedding.  My couples value time, family and quality service. I hand hold you throughout the entire planning process to make sure you're on schedule. I track your budget to make sure we pick the right team. I hop on monthly calls with you so you never feel lost. I provide expert recommendations when you can't seem to get on the same page with your soon-to-be spouse. On the wedding day I create a timeline with you from A to Z so we don't miss a beat. As much as you're tempted to be a worry wart, I'll remind you that I've got it covered. I want you to WEDD WELL!

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Crystal Nicole Photography

Crystal Nicole Photography