The Team

Pretty Photography by  Crystal-Nicole

Pretty Photography by Crystal-Nicole




I'm from a quaint town in Southern California where I live with my husband and three fur babies. We enjoy the freedom we currently have to get up and go as we please, indulge in new experiences and go on adventures.

A few of my favorite things are:

  • Taking my niece and nephew on interrupted auntie dates.

  • Reading on my patio, drinking coffee slowly, lighting a soft scented candle, cheese and wine boards, game nights, beach days and sitting under the sun (Iā€™m one of those alien people that are always cold).

  • Exploring new places or visiting my two favorite regions: Sausalito and the Amalfi Coast.


I am very fortunate to have found my passion in a business where I get to serve others. Helping you manage the stresses of your wedding journey is my calling. Private estate weddings and coastal venues are my absolute fave- they present challenges but venues with views are all that you really need sometimes.



A military wife, a recent momma to a sweet boy and a graduate in Social Service, Desiree is the end-all-be-all production assistant on wedding days. Her attention to detail, professional demeanor and savvy problem solving skills make here an invaluable asset to Michelle Isabel & Co. Whether it's adjusting cake flowers or fluffing dresses, Desiree is at EVERY wedding with a beautiful smile and a can-do attitude.

Photo by Crystal Nicole Photography

Photo by Crystal Nicole Photography

Meghan, Client Concierge

A wife, boy momma [with one on the way] and an extreme health enthusiast, Meghan's keen eye for details, style and organization make her an invaluable asset to Michelle Isabel & Co. From confirming contracts to adjusting timelines, Meghan is the master behind the scenes, taking charge of all client needs. 

  • I'm kind of a health junky and love to learn about the body. I love cooking and all things nutritional! I look to our ancestors for wise food traditions, if they ate it you'll probably find it in my kitchen! 

  • I have grown a great love for artisan baking bread! Still learning, but I love it!

  • My favorite drink of all time is my hubby's homemade Kombucha.