The Team

Pretty Photography by  Crystal-Nicole

Pretty Photography by Crystal-Nicole




I'm from a quaint town in Southern California where I live with my husband and three fur babies. We enjoy the freedom we currently have to get up and go as we please, try new things and seek adventures.

A few of my favorite things:


Family time soothes my soul specifically running around with my nieces and nephews.

I believe I'm saving the planet by not eating meat and chicken.

A large scented candle creates the perfect atmosphere to be at peace.

Latte in hand all day.

Cheese, Wine, Coffee and MilkTea are simple ways to my heart.

Exploring new places and going on new adventures is my recipe to the sweet life.

Sausalito + the Amalfi Coast are my two fave places on this planet.

The ocean waves move my heart.

If my husband would let me eat seafood everyday, I would.

Delicate and smooth chocolates are my guilty pleasure.

I turn to the bible for personal + business decisions


I am very fortunate to have found my passion in a business where I get to serve others. Helping you manage the stresses of your wedding journey is my calling. I genuinely enjoy getting to know your different styles and visions to design + produce an authentic celebration reflecting who you are as a new family. 

Private estate weddings and coastal venues are my absolute fave- they present challenges but the intimacy and flexibility they lend make the perfect setting for the best celebration of your life,



A military wife, a recent momma to a sweet boy and a graduate in Social Service, Desiree is the end-all-be-all production assistant on wedding days. Her attention to detail, professional demeanor and savvy problem solving skills make here an invaluable asset to Michelle Isabel & Co. Whether it's adjusting cake flowers or fluffing dresses, Desiree is at EVERY wedding with a beautiful smile and a can-do attitude.

Photo by Crystal Nicole Photography

Photo by Crystal Nicole Photography




Chante's compassion and empathy makes her invaluable to Michelle Isabel & Co. Her selfless personality and pursuit to be mindful and intentional in all decisions make her the perfect partner to be along side you on your wedding day. Her biggest qualities on the wedding day is her humility and kindness because no task is too large and is handled with upmost grace.



Katlin has a heart of gold and a bubbly personality. Her commitment to each and every one of our clients is what makes her special. She is a team player and strives to work in harmony with each and every vendor at each wedding. She's been wedding planning since 2015 and with her experience and excellent client service, she's been an invaluable addition to our team.

Disneyland is her guilty pleasure. Whenever she has a day off, that's where she likes to spend it. Whether it's through people-watching, the rides, or just grabbing lunch, it's her favorite place to spend her time. Her favorite colors are Bubble Gum Pink and Tiffany Blue. One of her favorite books is The Secret. She loves anything Nicholas Sparks,...She says, "Honestly, the sappier, the better. I love a good love story!"