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Wedding Website Must-Haves

Wedding Website Must-Haves

Your wedding website should not be an after-thought because it plays a BIG role in creating that enjoyable experience you're investing so much energy and money into. Here is what your wedding website should have.

Weddings by Roxanne Hunt | Officiant Services

Wedding officiants play a very important role in your wedding day. After all, they are the ones that lead the declaration of your marriage and commitment. Hold on...can you re-read that sentence again?! Officiants are the ones that lead the declaration of your marriage and commitment

Irene Cole Photography | Film + Digital

I've been seeing a subtle shift in photographers business descriptions lately. The word 'film' is popping up more and more with my friendors. My thought when I first saw this was that that the photographer is able to capture moving images and a motion film comes out of it....funny right?! Here is the thing...

Wedding Invitations

Every bride has asked me in some shape or form what they should write on the invitations. I had a fun couple who had been together for a long time and had a family of 4 prior to having a wedding. To say the least, they felt that their wedding celebration was long overdue. They wanted something silly in their invitations to reflect ...

Bouquet Guide for the Bride

 If you are just now planning, here is a quick introduction to the bouquet lingo so that you can easily identify your style. I am happy to get you started on the right track so you can, at the very least, go to your florist or planner with a sense of direction. Then she will open a whole can of worms for you with regards to seasonal flowers, flower categories, design,’s all fun stuff and good times.

My Romantic Indoor Royal Garden Wedding

Inspired by tradition, history and the woods, this Southern California winter wedding was adorned with plumosa and natural wood in a historic castle. 

IMG_0922 (1).jpg

Planner & Designer // Michelle Isabel
Photography // Crystal-Nicole Photography
Cake & Desserts //  Whats Poppin' Cake Pops
Dress // Cassini

Wedding Name Card Ideas

Escort cards are one on my favorite personal touches in any wedding. You can get so creative with these to totally wow your guests by making them feel special. If you think about it, there isn’t any other place other than the invitations where you personally address your esteemed guests by name. 

Wedding Day Programs

Every detail- and in this particular case- every piece of stationary will have meaning down to the font family used. I am going to work on it like I am getting it ready to walk down the runway or like its about to have a 6 page spread published on it.

Custom Cupcake Toppers

I custom created these cupcake toppers to reflect just that. First we custom laser-engraved hearts from balsa wood and then went back to create two kissing birdies. The process of lasering out the hearts created a gorgeous burn on the edges of each heart which unintentionally created a new color to the neutral color palette.