Personalize Your Wedding Day

Crystal-Nicole Photography

Crystal-Nicole Photography

A lot of times when I meet with couples and provide them with new ideas or solutions to their problems, a sigh of relief quickly follows. As if they were feeling suffocated for who knows how long trying to do things a certain way. I loathe those magazines or books that make you think you need to have a cookie cutter wedding with no definition, purpose or character. Your wedding should be everything YOU...down to the seasoning used on your appetizers.

When you’re thinking about your day ask yourself what about that part of your wedding connects you two to it. I love it when my couples are open to completely restructuring their day so that it fits them perfectly. That could mean that you want an intimate reception with just your closest friends and family so you can spoil them rotten with personalized gifts. It's okay to opt out of the bouquet toss or garter toss because in reality who knows why we even do that?! This could mean that instead of having a formal sit down dinner with just one meal, you can have circulating mini courses to give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.

Here are a few things to help you think through what will make your day you. Most of these things we do, we do them because of tradition. I myself am a fan of tradition but I’m also down for some safe rule-breaking for the sake of making this once-in-a-lifetime moment the best day ever. If you don't follow your heart, this could happen to you.

  • What does the bouquet toss mean to you?
  • Is the cake ceremony representative of you two? Do you two even eat cake?

  • Aside from the money you receive, do you care to do the honeymoon dance?

  • Grand exits can be absolutely beautiful but they may not be your cup of tea. I personally stayed till the very end of my wedding hanging out with my immediate family and immediate “new” family. We all sat around celebrating, drinking from the left-over bottles of wine and reminiscing on the year of planning and talking about our new lives together.

  • Is the first look just a trend you want to follow or is it something you truly have your heart set on?

Go down your timeline to make sure that everything you’re doing is for you and not because Pinterest or Martha Stewart told you to do it.