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Photo by Logan Walker at Pepper Nix

Photo by Logan Walker at Pepper Nix

Wedding officiants play a very important role in your wedding day. After all, they are the ones that lead the declaration of your marriage and commitment. Hold on...can you re-read that sentence again?! Officiants are the ones that lead the declaration of your marriage and commitment...let that soak in for a minute. Many people don’t realize this but you shouldn’t just pick anyone from a google search to LEAD your marriage ceremony. You may find them this way but shouldn't choose them this way. Picking your officiant goes beyond the screen and there is value in making a connection with your officiant. You should be able to sit down with your officiant and really get to know them so that they could get to know you. Those few moments right before you say I do is something you could never relive but should remember forever. Having someone there that you feel comfortable with and that knows you personally is critical to making that moment last forever.

Picking your wedding officiant should be a personal endeavor and should also be a fun part of the planning process. Officiants typically tap into areas you hadn’t given thought in regards to your partner. The ask questions to get answers that they can incorporate into the ceremony so that your guests can feel connected to you. I’ve partnered with Roxanne from Weddings By Roxanne Hunt who’s provided a guide on how to choose the right officiant. [you can find other useful wedding ceremony information here] Here is what the expert has to say about your wedding officiant experience.

  1. Choose someone who requests an initial face to face meeting. If not, then it is okay for you to ask for this. You need to be sure that the person you choose “looks” the part, resonates with you and connects with both of you as a couple. How else will you know this unless you meet first in person?

  2. Don’t leave anything to chance! Don’t just go on qualifications or the number of weddings performed. Having “100” so-so weddings to boast about versus 2-3 amazing ones…makes a big difference. Quality…not necessarily quantity. Reading a few testimonials about past services or a brief phone chat is very insightful.

  3. Ask yourself…”Do I feel like I can trust this person? Notice how organized the person is, are they listening, are they taking notes, are they asking you lots of questions. After all it is about YOU…and not them. Do you like this person?

  4. Does the officiant give you options and offer to customize things to your liking? If you don’t know what you want, are they helpful in giving suggestions or past examples?

  5. Even though you love your best friend or great aunt and they have offered to perform your ceremony for free, remember that a desire to perform your ceremony does not necessarily make for a great officiant. Most people mean well but are not always great in front of a crowd unless they have had some experience.

  6. Most seasoned officiants will charge anywhere between $400 and up to perform your wedding. Are there cheaper options? Yes, of course and you are free to choose. However, remember you often get what you pay for. Be willing to put some money towards the most important part of your day…don’t be disappointed by poor quality all because of saving a few dollars. You will regret doing so. Know that traveling a bigger distance or spending extra time to customize your ceremony will result in more time for the officiant and thus more expense for you.

  7. Be willing to meet with several people if the first officiant you choose doesn’t seem like the best fit.

I most definitely did not forget about your BONUS. Thanks for sticking through to the end. I hope this has given you the insight you need to make the right choice. If you have questions, please comment below or write me at

p.s. Roxanne has a wonderful soul and a light filled personality so fitting for a day so special as your wedding.