Wedding Planning Blog

Wedding Planning Blog

Hey lovelies!
In my latest post I wrote about my brand reveal Southern California Wedding Planner. The reason I’m sharing this is because one of the subtle changes that took place was my switch over to ‘Journal’ from ‘Blog,’ which served as my wedding planning blog.

This whole branding process made me realize how much my business is a reflection of who I am as a person. For most small business owners that’s usually how it works because we tend to pour our hearts and souls into our clients. The reason I switched from Blog to Journal is because my newly branded blog will have a lot more personality while maintaining the integrity of my expertise as a planner. I’ll be sharing tips, advice and wedding stories in addition to personal stories, happy and sad memories, dreams, plans, projects, ideas, my three pups, my husband and whatever else my little heart feels should be shared in the hopes of connecting with you. That’s why I find that ‘Journal’ is much more appropriate. I believe deeply in transparency, which is why I want you to know who you are hanging out with while you peruse my journal formerly my wedding planning blog.

Wedding planning is a seriously emotional experience. I get so invested in my couples because your wedding isn’t my job it’s who I am-- it’s what lies at the core of Michelle Isabel & Co. So here I lay out my life so you know through and through who is helping you make the leap to your happily ever after. While I physically serve as a wedding planner in Orange County I will still provide general information to assist you wherever you may be at this point in your wedding. My next blog will be up later this week and will touch more on what sparked this whole journey back in 2013. For a monthly recap sign up to my e-mails.

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