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Irene Cole Photography | Film + Digital

Irene Cole Photography

Irene Cole Photography

I don't know about you guys but I've been seeing a subtle shift in photographers business descriptions lately. The word 'film' is popping up more and more with my friendors. My thought when I first saw this was that that the photographer is able to capture moving images and a motion film comes out of it....funny right?! Here is the thing, if I, someone completely immersed in the wedding world, was pondering this then that means there are couples out there wondering the same or completely unaware of the whole concept. Finally I asked a friendor what that meant and the response I received was soooooo ROMANTIC and BEAUTIFUL that I just had to share.

Have you ever been wedding planning and suddenly stopped scrolling because the image in front of you was so captivating that it made your heart melt. THAT is exactly how I feel about film photography and the story behind it. Film photography is an art taken on by those who have the capacity to understand their target, space, lighting etc. If you are looking for "light-filled, organic, classic, and timeless" photos for your wedding then you may want to consider a film photographer. I'd like to introduce you to one of those artists; her name is Irene and she is a gem plucked right out of your wedding dreams. 

Here is what the lovely Irene from Irene Cole Photography has to say about Film Photography.
"Why I shoot film? I love the look as it steers me towards my vision and style. It's light-filled, organic, classic, and timeless. Also, like a rock anchoring a flying kite, it keeps me grounded but also gives me the creative freedom to fly. With digital, I tend to shoot like crazy. With film, I'm forced to slow down because every shot cost money. Therefore, every shot I take on film is thought out and purposeful. "

What is the difference between film and digital? Here's a breakdown on my opinion below (From Irene):

The Look
With film, there's a natural softness to it. I love how faithful the colors are to real life. Most of all, I love the way film handles and reads light. It can look like my subject is surrounded by ethereal light, like being wrapped a warm, light filled blanket! It's bright but not sterile. Also, because film has such a great range capturing the lightest to the darkest parts of an image, it creates a 3D quality that makes the image feel so alive and unparalleled.
With digital, it's naturally high definition so every detail is precise. I personally don't like having every skin pore visible so I found that post processing is needed to smooth those out whereas film naturally softens blemishes. There's now ground breaking presets to make one's digital photos look like film in terms of color and grain. In some instances, I can't even tell the difference! Also, digital is also able to capture difficult and low light conditions very well. With the film stock I love using, it's meant for daylight so shooting in low light conditions are tricky. 

Irene Cole Photography

Irene Cole Photography

The Process
With film, by the time I click that shutter button on my camera, I will have a nearly finished product to give to my client. Granted it's taken me years to feel confident enough that my exposures will be on point. Also, having a really great film photo lab is essential. I can't develop my film at a nearby drugstore. I use a pro lab called Photovision - they're so awesome. I actually have a custom "color profile" in which I tell my lab how I want my colors to look, how much contrast, etc I want in my images so my style is unique. They do all the adjustments for me. When they're done, they send me an email with a download link of my film scans. I then spend some time removing minor blemishes, doing tweaks, and then BOOM, I'm done! At best, it's a 1.5-2 week turnaround time.
With digital, I have to do a lot of post processing on the computer. I'd rather be out shooting instead of being stuck in a chair editing. It would probably take me the same turnaround time as film if not more just doing edits.

The Risk
Both film and digital photographers carry risks. Heaven forbid, a film roll could get damaged or lost in transit to the lab. A digital photographer's memory card/computer could get fried or lost as well. As a professional, it's important to reduce those risks as much as possible and carry insurance.

The Pricing
For film, the prices can be considerably high. The quantitative costs of buying professional grade film stock and the cost of developing/scanning are significant so one has to price themselves accordingly. For digital, a photographer can also spend countless hours editing so their time is also valuable. Pricing can vary depending on the photographer.
Overall, I don't think film or digital is better than the other. They're both different in it's unique way and it ultimately comes down personal preference. Finding a photographer (film or digital) is like trying to find a fabulous pair of shoes! You got to find the one that draws you in, that's the perfect fit, and at a price that you're willing to pay. 

Irene Cole Photography

Irene Cole Photography

WOW! Was that not just the most romantic bit of information you've read today?! My favorite part was, "With digital, I tend to shoot like crazy. With film, I'm forced to slow down because every shot cost money. Therefore, every shot I take on film is thought out and purposeful. " I feel as if film photography deserves a lot more credit then it is getting. The foundation of my business was built on one simple ideal: every single couple has a unique love story to tell. With my whole heart I make sure that each couple's love story is expressed in its entirety through their wedding. Its so important that every element incorporated into your wedding has a purpose. Film photography gives purpose because it's a story behind a story. THIS, you guys, is what makes your wedding authentic.

In addition to Irene's amazing art she's mastered a technique that she utilizes while she is interacting with you during the shoot. It takes your photography experience to a whole other level. I am sure you've fallen as in love with her art as I have so I'll let you reach out to her and have her explain that to you.

p.s. I'm not being endorsed to say this. These are my genuine feelings toward the sweet and kind Irene. 

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