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Crystal-Nicole Photography

Crystal-Nicole Photography

Every bride has asked me in some shape or form what they should write on the invitations. I had a fun couple who had been together for a long time and had a family of 4 prior to having a wedding. To say the least, they felt that their wedding celebration was long overdue. They wanted something silly in their invitations to reflect that, so they set a theme for it. Their invitations started off with, ”Finally! D and F are getting MARRIED...” And went about the invitation making jokes about their long awaited wedding celebration. It reflected who they were and their love story because they were jokesters and an adventurous family. Their guests loved it and felt the couple was speaking to them through their invites. Ultimately, I think this is the way invitations should be carried out because it’s the first impression your guests get of your wedding. It sets the tone for the way they will experience your wedding and in this case, they felt like they were going to have a lot of fun… and they so did.

What’s included in the invitations?

  1. Most importantly, the 'INVITATION' itself consisting of the Date, Time, Location, and Names (and some direction as to what to expect after the ceremony) - During the proof process, gps the location and make sure that it goes to the correct location. If you have the time, I would definitely take a trip and follow through the gps directions to make sure they are correct. By testing it this way, you can also ensure that you have the correct address on your invites. We are human so it’s possible to make a mistake by missing a digit or switching one letter for another.

  2. RSVP card - This is 3-fold

    1. There should be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ check box section here. You should make this so that it fits your personalities. Instead of including your standard yes or no, you could give unique options such as, “heck yea” or ”Sorry, I’m booked that day” or “it would be an honor,” or “it’s my pleasure” or “I regretfully decline” etc.

    2. Be sure to include a space for the name(s). Also make sure that it’s clear that they are only allowed a certain amount of seats so as to not bring a co-worker as a date or their current fling.

    3. PLEASE include a stamp. You want to make this as simple as possible for your guests for faster and higher response rates. Especially if you don’t want to be hunting down your RSVPS two weeks before the wedding. Not very many people send out hand-written letters anymore so many may not have stamps readily available. This means that they have to go all the way to the store to purchase the stamps then make time to fill out the card and walk it over to the mail. I am sure we are ALL guilty of saying, “so sorry, I’ve been so busy.” You can even expect that if you do make this as easy as possible for them, just because we’re that culture.

  3. Remember, Michelle Isabel is all about the details so I would recommend a a real map with lines and shapes so that it’s fun and thoughtful.

  4. NOTES card where you could include the hashtag they should be using or the website where they can RSVP online and add other wedding-related information you feel is important to mention. For example, if you are having a beach ceremony, you may want to talk about attire.

  5. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS for your out-of-towners or even individuals who want to party and stay nearby, or maybe some of your guests decided to turn it into a mini vacay, they have options. This could also be included in the notes.

  6. If you are having a destination wedding or a lot out-of-town guests, I would recommend that you include some LOCAL ACTIVITIES/ATTRACTIONS that they could visit while they are in town for your wedding. This is so simple to do nowadays. The other day I booked a hotel through Tripadvisor and when I received my email confirmation it included nearby attractions and things to do suggested by Tripadvisor. It was a nice surprise.


Wording - I kind of touched on this earlier in the ‘what’s included section’. If you’ve been reading along with my blogs, you know how important it is to me for you to personalize your wedding so that it fits your love story. I’m personally not a fan of “request your presence” or “please honor us with your presence” or any wording along those lines. I like things to flow organically so however you would truly say “are you coming” then maybe take it up a notch from there just because this is your wedding and a once in a lifetime moment. For example, with the RSVP cards, if someone asked me to attend their wedding, I would immediately SMILE HUGELY and follow with, I would LOVE to attend with an exclamation mark. So if it were me, my rsvp card would read, in the yes section, “I would love to attend.” Simple and not overly fluffed or disconnected.

Design - The design of the invitation should fall in line with what you and your planner/designer have come up with. It should match the venue along with the rest of your stationery such as your menu, the programs and escort cards. You will see in the next point why this is important.

Styling & Photography - In case you haven’t noticed, Martha Stewart and The Knot LOVE stationery. They advertise a lot of it from companies like Wedding Paper Divas or Minted. They typically include a picture of wedding stationery in the real weddings that they publish. This is important because you are probably looking to those magazines, blog posts and Pinterest pictures to help you plan your wedding. So if you are looking to have pretty images like that in your wedding album, make sure your photographer and designer include these in your pictures. Plus, you probably worked really hard and spent good money on the invitation suite, why not remember it through pretty pictures. To make sure this happens, send an invitation to your planner/designer and photographer so they can work on a plan for that on the day of.

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Invitations by Charley Paper Co

Invitations by Charley Paper Co