Happy Halloween | 13 Wedding Day Horror Stories

Chelcie Marie Photography  @chelciemariephotos

Chelcie Marie Photography @chelciemariephotos

In honor of Halloween, I'd like to share some ugly truths about weddings through this collection of wedding day horror stories. I've had my fair share of heart aches, mini panic attacks and scares throughout my years of planning: a rained out wedding, a rental company nightmare and a vendor no-show. At the time it wasn't amusing because as an event manager this all falls on my shoulders to fix and obviously we want our couples to be happy and for their day to go as smoothly as possible. With so many moving parts and especially not being involved in the planning and only hired for the day-of the wedding, it's hard to avoid certain outcomes. I absolutely mean to scare you with this post so beware and read at your own risk.

Here is a short list of my personal wedding day horror stories. I've also reached out to my wedding planner community to hear the things that they've gone through to resolve horrific issues on their couples special day.

  • My client insisted she did not need a backup tent for her sunny outdoor California August anniversary. It poured and EVERYTHING got wet. She ended up paying some fees for damages made to the rental company's product - Moral of this story: listen to your planner!
  • Despite my strong recommendation against using a particular florist, my client went ahead and booked her for the sake of "saving money." Come wedding day, the florist didn't show up. At the very last minute, I'm running around looking for flowers to place on 20 tables. I billed my client significantly for this maneuver. - Moral of the story: listen to your planner and hire the PROS.
  • On a windy day, the ceremony canopy was blown 20 feet away because the "vendor" didn't know how to account for strong beach winds. The tent and white draping sits at the bottom of the harbor ocean somewhere - Moral of the story: listen to your planner and hire the PROS!

From my wonderful community of planners and what happens when you hire just an event manager and not a planner.

  • "The caterer's macaroni and cheese was loaded with who knows what kind of heavy fats and about 1/3 of the guests, the main photographer, and I were hit with food poisoning from it. There were 2 bathrooms...and the lines were each 4-5 people deep and I had to keep sneaking candles in there because it was so bad. I actually did nothing for about 30 minutes because I could. not. move." - Moral of the story: Hire the PROS and don't serve mac n cheese at your wedding!
  • "The DJ "refused" to start the toasts until he had been fed, when inquiring with the kitchen about this meal I was told "you don't control the kitchen, get out". - Moral of the story: Don't hire a diva DJ or a mean caterer. Hire the Pros!
  • "A whole table of people showed up that didn't have a place because the bride forgot about them." - Moral of the story: Hire a planner who handles your guest list!
  • "The park ranger forgot to turn the electricity on and he left for the day!" - Moral of the story: The poor park ranger isn't used to this. Hire the PROS!
  • "Mother of the bride insisted that a family friend do the bouquets for the bridal party. She was late & when she arrived, she pulled up to the front of the venue and arranged the flowers on site 😳. Literally sitting in her passenger seat making bouquets dropping flowers everywhere." - Moral of the story: Hire the PROS!
  • "I had the catering staff leave without bussing tables for a 350 person wedding. I ended up having to bus the tables by myself in heals. My feet were so swollen at the end of the night that my toes looked like little smokies! I won't ever wear heals at another wedding, unless I'm a guest." - Moral of the story: You'll get billed the big bucks by me for this one. Hire the PROS!
  • "Had a groomsman get so drunk he passed out in the back of the bus they rented that took everyone back to the hotel. The driver never saw him and drove the bus back to the garage and he woke up the next morning not knowing where he was. His cell phone died and he had to walk to find a pay phone." - Moral of the story: find a new husband.
  • "Earlier this month my bride's 4 year old was getting a little clingy and knocked her glass of red wine out of her hands all down the front of her dress! I was standing about 10 feet away and seriously it was like slow motion and everyone stopped and looked. Within a minute the bride's mom and myself had her inside with paper towels and soda water getting the wine out. We worked our magic and you seriously could not even tell!" Moral of the story: Have a kid free wedding.
  • "Father of the groom...ate too much sugar and claimed the reason he pooped all over the walls, floor and seats of toilets in 2 bathrooms was because he was diabetic. Not sure if diabetics have larger butt holes but hey.....oh and my staff forgot to clean one of the bathrooms so next morning I had to go up and clean it since I work at the venue and was responsible for ensuring it was done." Moral of the story: I don't even know what to say about this one. No pro would touch this. 
  • "Father of the bride and mother of the bride did not get along. Mother of the bride wanted ex husbands new wife to sit in the back not with her husband.who was on the front row. There was a cat fight at the reception between these two grown women. Bride was so used to them fighting did not even bother her." - Moral of the story: I'm not really sure what to do about this one. 

All this to say Happy Halloween AND the moral of the entire story is to hire a planner, listen to your planner and HIRE THE PROS.

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