Wedding Day Prints List

Wedding Day Prints List

Imagine that we’re just a few weeks out from your BIG day. You’ve gotten all your RSVPs in and you’re getting ready to welcome all your family and friends in. There are just a few tiny details to still take care of, that while small, make a big impact on your guests’ experience. These would be your wedding day prints, like programs and welcome signs.

In this post I’m going to outline how my team and I wrap up the final stages of the planning and production in terms of the wedding day prints you need. These are left to the end because you can’t really order them until you know your final guest list.


Around the two month mark my team and I have a meeting before your big day. We start to think about the smaller details, the ones that normally escape our clients’ minds because they are too busy getting the wedding jitters. Plus there are so many other things going on like beauty appointments, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, family coming into town, marriage license appointments, and of course, finalizing that guest list. Finalizing the guest list is the most time consuming because you have to hound down those that haven’t responded. With everyone so busy these days that’s harder than you think. But once you do have that list in tip top shape, the real magic happens.

Let’s take a look at all the wedding day prints and paper goods we order for our clients while they focus on those bigger and more personal things I mentioned above. This is everything from signage to favors.

Preparation Paper Goods

The paper goods related to the preparation portion of the day are details related to events that happen before the ceremony. From the getting ready location with personalized gifts for your tribe to labeling the items that belong to the different VIPs, here is a list of items we commonly prepare for.

  • Bride’s ladies gift bags

  • Groomsmen gift bags

  • Labeled bouquets

  • Labeled boutonnieres

  • Parent gifts

Ceremony Paper Goods

The ceremony paper goods are all the items that are related to the pre-ceremony items and the the items for after the ceremony.

  • Welcome Sign

  • Ceremony Program

  • Welcome table signage

    • Gift Box signage

    • Sign in Book / activity

  • Spa station label

  • Reserved seating signage

  • Vows / Vow Books

  • Readings

  • Flower girl basket

  • Ring bearer signage or pillow

  • Decor Signage with quotes or other personalized notes


Cocktail Paper Goods

The cocktail hour paper goods are the most critical as this is where your guests will get orientated with your venue while it’s still daylight. Everything from locating the restrooms, figuring out where they will be sitting down to locating the dance floor happens at this point. If expectations weren’t understood during the ceremony, it will certainly translate here. Paper goods commonly needed are:

  • Welcome sign

  • Reception Program sign

  • Bar menu

  • Game / Activity signage for entertainment

  • Seating arrangement display / name card display

  • Directional signage

  • Decor Signage with quotes or other personalized notes


Reception Paper Goods

The reception goods are the last leg of the stationery planning and production. At this point your guests are fully aware of the expectations and vibe iof your wedding. From here on out, these are special touches to over deliver on the experience you’re to provide for your guests.

  • Welcome sign

  • Reception Program Sign

  • Buffet signage or labels (especially allergy related information)

  • Cake and/or dessert signage or labels

  • Menu per place setting (in lieu of buffet labels)

  • Favor / Personal name card on place setting

  • Table numbers

  • Decor Signage with quotes or other personalized notes



In summary, most of these items cannot be completed too early in the planning process so they tend to happen in the last two months or when you know your final guest list. Items like the amount of menus to order or the names of those whose seats you’re reserving all heavily depend on the final guest list. Depending on when that happens, that’s when these items will be delivered and ordered to be sent to your planner so she can set them out for you on the big day.

Pro tip: Make sure you send these to your stationery designer so she can brand them. To learn more about branding your wedding design, check out “why should you create a wedding brand.“

We want you to enjoy and be present, not only on your big day but in those final moments leading up to your day. This normally happens at a time when you can’t make another wedding decision and just want things to get done. We can help you and invite to start up a conversation with us so you can learn more about how we can help you.

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