Common tasks you didn't know your planner does

I get so excited when I hear from new couples- it fires me up. I noticed, lately, that potential couples are concerned about these major things and are unaware that I include these in my services. Here are the top 5 things that you didn't know that I do.

  1. We are all about the details. At every wedding we have other vendors compliment our staff and work ethic because of how we pay attention to detail. We look at the small things that everyone else misses in the midst of a hectic production of putting an entire wedding together such as making sure the ceremony chairs are aligned and the gaps are symmetrical. During the reception we make sure every napkin is folded the same and hanging off at the exact same length as the one next to it. We make sure the menu's are straight and the table is set up correctly so as to not have a water glass to the left. We make sure there are no smudges on your signage and that logistically the flow of events makes sense.

  2. Rehearsal -  As your event manager or planner, I attend rehearsal to meet your wedding party and to coordinate the processional/recessional plan we came up with.

  3. Coordinate the wedding party- If you are not having a “church” wedding, it’s more than likely that there isn’t going to be someone there to coordinate the processional and recessional. On your wedding day, I work with the venue to make sure your front rows are reserved, all your guests are sat on time, Iine up the party according to the rehearsal plan, I’ll coordinate with the officiant about the opening statement and then I work with your band to cue the processional.

  4. Set out secondary decor such as favors, escort cards, programs, signage, table numbers, welcome signs, reserved seating and a few other details that would be personalized to your wedding.

  5. Set up linens - Sometimes my brides order specialty linens from Wildflower Linens and may need someone to help with the setup of linens. If your venue allows time for setup, then that is something that I can work into the wedding day timeline. Depending on the number of tables and the time we have to set up, an additional assistant may be required.

  6. Balances and gratuities - During the rehearsal, you’ll hand over sealed envelopes that are labeled and contain final vendor balances and tips. I hand those out as the vendors leave and have them sign off that they’ve received their final deposit. You’ll then receive that form and keep it for your records.

  7. I assist in your seating plan diagrams to make sure that i know exactly which guests are sitting where so I can ensure they receive the meal they selected on the response card.

If you’re curious about what I don’t include, here is an entry I wrote on what your coordinator or event manager is not. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out :)