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Thanksgiving from Michelle Isabel & Co

Crystal-Nicole Photography

Crystal-Nicole Photography

Crystal Nicole Photography

Crystal Nicole Photography

This week’s post is going to be a bit more personal since it’s Thanksgiving week. You guys I have SO much to be thankful for. My life is literally a dream that I’m living out. I’m a pretty faithful person and that comes instilled in me from my parents. The very fact that I know something much bigger than me exists is comforting. No matter the situation I’m in, no matter how horrible I feel, despite feeling like the world is coming down on me, I know in my heart that I can smile. God truly is the center of my world and lies at the core of every aspect of my life. I’m blessed that my parents taught me who my heavenly Father is. I’m blessed to have a church to go to to reconnect when I’m feel lost. I’m blessed to be surrounded by like-minded family and friends. I wouldn’t be here today with a marriage, a family and a business had it not been for those moments of silence that I spent with the Lord listening to his words. He guided me and led me to this exact moment where I’m sitting on my couch getting ready to go out be an event designer, planner and business owner etc.


This year has been so crazy for me. Wedding planning sounds like a lot of fun but trust me, it can be a dirty job 85% of the time. However, for my couples whom I love with all my heart, I’d gladly do it over and over again. I’m so thankful to my clients for believing in me and my business and trusting me to act on their behalf on their super special day. The other crazy part is the running a business part. Everyone tells you running a business is hard but that’s an understatement to the 100th power. Running a business is soul sucking and all consuming. The real challenge is being able to overcome that and perceiver. I couldn’t have done that without the support and patience of my husband. That man is truly my best friend and has stood by me every step of the way never once complaining and the best part is that he has this unwavering faith and belief in me. I’ve doubted myself throughout this process but he has NEVER doubted me, not even once. I’m also thankful for my family who has been rooting for me and has been cheering me on every step of the way. My younger brother even assisted me on two weddings this year. My best friend has her own business and she has taught me so much about running business. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. Lastly, my creative community has been a major force in this whole process. All my preferred vendors, my networking events, my styled shoots, the Facebook groups and other fellow planners have all been key players in the success of my business. It can’t be done alone and I think that’s been my favorite realization. I need YOU all in order to be successful. This coming from a person who tends to do things on her own. I used to be a lone wolf and in some occasions I still am but for the rest of it, I have my husband, family, friends, creative community and of course my faithful King. Thank you for being here and following along on my journey.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ll be spending mine with my family. My contribution are BBQ ribs and some sides What are you doing this year for Thanksgiving.

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