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Inspiration: The Villa San Juan Capistrano, CA

As a planner, one of my favorite venues in Orange County, Ca is The Villa wedding venue in San Juan Capistrano. It has the quaintest home, the most intimate courtyard and amazing service. It was made for an intimate celebration and a crowd with a sophisticated palette for good food. It's nestled in the quaintest little area near The Mission San Juan Capistrano. 

Southern California Wedding Planning

"When you have passion, you will not back up when you get knocked down-and you will get knocked down- over and over again. That's what winning is all about." - Elizabeth Holmes

Creative workstation at Michelle Isabel

Creative workstation at Michelle Isabel

Yesterday I gave my notice resigning as a full-time events planner from a top higher education institution. And the craziest thing happened...the opportunity for an offer from a Fortune 500 company came along to go work in one of thee most sought out cities in CA with amazing benefits and relocation fees covered. I didn't even apply for the job yet here is this awesome offer at a pivotal point in my life I might add. My husband and I always talked about making the move up the northern coast of California. Now that the opportunity is in front of us, what to do. Then I started to think about why I was leaving my job and what drove me away in the first place. Job security and great pay sound nice but its too easy. For one, its still a 9-5. It means I am confined to my desk for 8 hours. Its me working for someone else and making money for someone else. Its me suppressing my creative juices. Its me not making executive decisions. Its everything that I have, up to this point, discovered I don't want to do. 

As the reality sets in that I am finally doing this...finally taking my passion and turning it into a business...taking a ginormous leap of faith, obv the feelings of insecurity try to creep in, "what if I fail?" "what if I don't get any clients?" "what if I am wrong?" what if I get a bad review?" Then I read that awesome quote from self-made Female billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes. I have to remember that it hasn't been easy for anyone that is successful- it comes at a price. I had to ask myself if I am willing to pay that price. I SUPER AM AND I AM SUPER EXCITED!

Custom Cupcake Toppers

I custom created these cupcake toppers to reflect just that. First we custom laser-engraved hearts from balsa wood and then went back to create two kissing birdies. The process of lasering out the hearts created a gorgeous burn on the edges of each heart which unintentionally created a new color to the neutral color palette.