Engagement Shoot

What is an Engagement Session

 What is an Engagement Session

In this post I’ll explain what your wedding engagement pictures are and the purpose in doing them aside from the incredible photos you get as a result. There is nothing to hide about being in love and relishing in the fact that you’ve made one of the most sacred decisions you can make as a couple is something to be proud of. You’ll be spending forever together and why not document that incredible commitment.

Preparing for Your Engagement Shoot

When I did my engagement shoot I remember being nervous because I had never been professionally photographed that way. I was thinking what should I wear? where should we go? Eek….so many questions but this blog will provide clarity so you can enjoy your session.

Wedding Photography Engagement Featured on Southern California Bride

When my husband and I put our budget together for our wedding, photography was the one thing my heart wanted to splurge on. I cannot express how happy I am to that I made that a priority. Crystal-Nicole was the greatest decision we made but not only for our wedding.