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"When you have passion, you will not back up when you get knocked down-and you will get knocked down- over and over again. That's what winning is all about." - Elizabeth Holmes

Creative workstation at Michelle Isabel

Creative workstation at Michelle Isabel

Yesterday I gave my notice resigning as a full-time events planner from a top higher education institution. And the craziest thing happened...the opportunity for an offer from a Fortune 500 company came along to go work in one of thee most sought out cities in CA with amazing benefits and relocation fees covered. I didn't even apply for the job yet here is this awesome offer at a pivotal point in my life I might add. My husband and I always talked about making the move up the northern coast of California. Now that the opportunity is in front of us, what to do. Then I started to think about why I was leaving my job and what drove me away in the first place. Job security and great pay sound nice but its too easy. For one, its still a 9-5. It means I am confined to my desk for 8 hours. Its me working for someone else and making money for someone else. Its me suppressing my creative juices. Its me not making executive decisions. Its everything that I have, up to this point, discovered I don't want to do. 

As the reality sets in that I am finally doing this...finally taking my passion and turning it into a business...taking a ginormous leap of faith, obv the feelings of insecurity try to creep in, "what if I fail?" "what if I don't get any clients?" "what if I am wrong?" what if I get a bad review?" Then I read that awesome quote from self-made Female billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes. I have to remember that it hasn't been easy for anyone that is successful- it comes at a price. I had to ask myself if I am willing to pay that price. I SUPER AM AND I AM SUPER EXCITED!