California Wedding Planner Brand Launch

Today is the official launch day for the brand new things going on in my corner of the web. I've been in testing mode for the past week so, I'm happy that we've moved onto the next phase. This whole process has been a  labor of love. So much patience, education, listening, editing, re-editing, and then more editing has been going on in the background. I had to ask myself drilling and mind numbing questions over and over again. Ultimately, I went through this whole process to be able to serve my clients in the best possible way. I had to dig DEEP into my clients thoughts and emotions to truly understand what they need from me. Thank you to all who were a part of this journey, who gave me advice and tips and read then re-read my drafts. And most of all, I want to thank my clients for being behind me 110%.

When I first launched my business I didn’t brand. This went against what every brand strategist and design consultant suggested. To be honest I freaked out because I didn’t have $6000 in my first month of business to spend on branding. That was my first hurdle and the second, well...I wasn’t sure where I was going with my business. I’ve been planning weddings and have been working in the industry for years now and without a doubt am confident in my skills as a wedding planner and coordinator. BUT owning a business takes more than just the skill and trade that you excel at. You also have to be excellent in running the business side (taxes, business licenses, insurances, interns, employees, handbooks, contracts etc.) of things to build a profitable business. Luckily for me project management, budgeting, leading and designing all come as second nature to me. Waiting to brand was the greatest decision I made because as a new business owner, it's hard to know what you need the first day on the job. Not until I delved deep into my work did I understand what I needed. In addition to this, I enrolled in workshops, classes and programs to learn all that I could about managing the work-flow of my business.

Photo by Crystal-Nicole Photography

Photo by Crystal-Nicole Photography

I was first introduced to event planning in college as Secretary in my law focused organization, as well as when I was interning in DC. That’s where I discovered that I had a natural talent for project management and mass organization. After I graduated college, while working full-time for a clean energy start-up, I began planning events as a hobby. As a result I was hired by a top-tier university in my area to serve as their events coordinator and catering manager. In my capacity as events coordinator, I serviced and reviewed over 3000 events a year. I almost faint every time I think of that number because that’s a lot for one person to handle. However, it is nice to know that it’s possible if I had to do it again (say I’m the last event planner in the nation). I realized later that in this role I wasn’t able to do enough of what I love: getting to know my couples and personalizing their event to fit them specifically. That’s when I decided that I would go into business as an independent planner.

Photo by Crystal-Nicole Photography

Photo by Crystal-Nicole Photography

So, that brings me to today with my brand launch. I’m excited to finally reveal the final product and can’t be more excited with the results (wine please?!). I got to take a deep look at what lies at the core of Michelle Isabel & Co and develop a purpose-filled mission for my business. I understand what every single one of my couples need and developed a strategy to provide an unparalleled planning service. I have a clear picture of who the couples are that I want to serve and the events that I’m best suited to accommodate.

Now I get to love on each and every single one of my couples and treat each wedding as if it were my own. I serve those who are in love and to the best of my ability cater to their needs, schedules and lifestyles. 

After working with my first few clients this year under Michelle Isabel & Co, I came up with a few words to describe the couples that typically like to work with me. Of course these aren’t all but here are a few of my fave.

| Stylish | Romantic | Adventurous | Soulful | Natural

Here are a few Pinterest images that reflect my client's style and aesthetic.

And finally here is the color palette that best represents Michelle Isabel & Co and my clients.

I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2016 brings, but excited to share the new feels going on at Michelle Isabel & Co.