Bouquet Guide for the Bride

Irene Cole Photography

Irene Cole Photography

Princess Diana has been an idol of mine since I was a little girl and dreamt of becoming a princess myself. Growing up my parents would always make references to her whenever I threw the un-princess-like temper tantrums reminding me that Princess Diana would never do those things. It totally worked. The moment I started planning my wedding, I obv googled Princess Diana’s wedding. There were many things I loved about her wedding, but one feature that caught my eye was her gorgeous cascading bouquet. At the time, I didn’t really know how to explain this to my florist, I just went to her saying I want ‘hanging flowers’ like Princess Diana. Luckily, my florist knew what I was talking about but quickly educated me on the flower ‘ lingo.' That’s when I learned that there was a whole world of flower bouquet type and styles. It's all second nature to me now but when I was planning my wedding, it was all new to me. If you are just now planning, here is a quick introduction to the bouquet lingo so that you can easily identify your style. I am happy to get you started on the right track so you can, at the very least, go to your florist or planner with a sense of direction. Then she will open a whole can of worms for you with regards to seasonal flowers, flower categories, design,’s all fun stuff and good times.

Cascading Wedding Bouquet

First category I would like to introduce you to is my favorite, the Cascading Bouquet. Not that it matters, but I think it should rightfully be called the ‘Princess Diana.’

Second, a popular option I see a lot in pictures is the Posy Bouquet. I think this is a safe option if you are a shy and sweet bride. A lot of times, brides get nervous as they walk down the aisle and end up covering their face with their bouquet. With a smaller and petite bouquet, it would be harder to hide behind a petite arrangement.

Third, and I think the most popular of all options is the Nosegay. Now on The Knot they have the Nosegay and the Round as two separate types but I think it is safe to put them in the same category. I would even go as far as adding the Hand-Tied in this section too. I think it’s important to personalize your bouquet anyway so since they are similar in shape, I feel like they can go together.

Lastly, is the Pageant or Arm Bouquet. I think there are limitations with this bouquet because this tends to work well with certain flowers like lilies or tulips. Also, this bouquet needs to be held a certain way resting in your arms, hence the name, Arm Bouquet. They tend to be pretty ginormous pieces too and definitely provide a burrow to hide in.

Images borrowed from The Knot