My Wedding Day Story

My Wedding Story

My Wedding Story

I’m going to let you all in on My Wedding Day Story. I planned my own wedding and not having a planner or at the very least an event manager is one of my biggest regrets from my planning experience. I settled a lot, I let opinions of others influence my decisions, I was deceived by my Pinterest wedding board, I budgeted incorrectly and I spent very little days of my engagement with my bride tribe or on date nights with my fiancé. My obsession over the details, logistics and project management quickly took over what should have been one celebration after the other. 

My Wedding Day Story

There is any ugly side to wedding planning that no one tells you because ugly doesn't sell. Wedding inspirational blogs and magazines give you silly planning timelines/tools that hardly cover 1/10 of the wedding planning process. Pinterest gives you misleading ideas with no price tags or worse makes you believe that you can DIY everything. Like many brides I thought I could do it myself and I regret that every time I reminisce on my planning experience.

side note: If you've just gotten engaged, here is a little advice on what to do next.

The biggest letdown was allowing my self to believe that because I didn't have a ginormous budget that I wasn't able to hire the pros. Not hiring professionals is what ended up costing me the most in the end. If you look at my wedding pictures you wouldn’t be able to tell that so many things had gone wrong (gotta thank my photographer for that...hey girl!) but those feelings of disappointment in the vendors you trusted with your details will be remembered forever.

Quick tip: To make sure you're hiring a pro, ask them if they are licensed and insured and how much they are insured for. For more tips, go here.

That's why I went into business; my wedding day story doesn't have to be yours. I went into business so that I could help educate modern couples about the reality of planning a wedding. Your dream wedding is possible with the right help. Much like you'd hire a financial planner to assist with your retirement goals or a realtor to help you buy a house, a planner assists you with your wedding investment. It's easily the largest investment you'll make as a new family and it can get pretty overwhelming. I believe with every fiber in my body that you deserve the engagement experience of your lifetime. After all, for some of us, it never happens again. 

I'm a reflection of my business and these are the things I believe in…

  • Quality of life 

  • Slowing down to appreciate what you have in front of you

  • Savoring moments with people you love

  • Having a purposeful engagement

  • Laughing because it's good for the soul

  • Eating good food and drinking sweet wine

  • Building character and personal growth through new experiences

  • Good health

  • AND most of all I believe that none of those things are possible without a DARN GOOD PLAN AND A LITTLE ORGANIZATION.

This is why I do what I do for you.


Photography by Crystal Nicole Photography