My 2019 Word of the Year

It seems as though posting about your word of the year (aka WOTY) has become a thing. I really enjoyed reading about everyone’s passions and goals so I figured I’d share mine. It’s so refreshing to know that we’re all working on something. So I thought I’d give it a try to instill a sense of accountability. I’m putting this out in the world in case there is someone else out there with the same word who would be willing to share their journey and what this word means for you.

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I want to start by reflecting and sharing my 2018 WOTY. It was Focus! Some of you may know this about me already but I’m obsessed with learning and growing both personally and professionally. I digest more information than the average person and I’m sure it’s way more than I need to be doing. But I can’t stay away. I love to attend workshops, webinars, conferences…I inhale information from newsletters that I’ve joined from people I admire. If I could choose to be in school as a student forever I would. See school came easy for me so I was an above average student but didn’t know it at the time until I was out. Now I wish I would’ve stayed to do my masters. Anyway I digress…so this is obviously a problem because at some point I need to implement all that I'm learning but I didn’t. So finally at the end of 2017 when I sat back and looked at all I did, I realized I hadn’t done much. I had learned it all but hadn’t executed on it. As a small business owner, life is busy because you’re wearing so many hats and being pulled in so many different directions so time is very precious and you need to protect what you have. So at the end of 2017 I promised myself that I would unsubscribe from everything in 2018 except for the one or two people that I couldn’t depart from. But I also promised myself that no matter what they were selling or doing, I wouldn’t buy into it…at least not for a year. I’m happy to report that 2018 was super successful for Michelle Isabel & Co. I actually stuck to my word and to my plan. I focused on serving my clients and serving them really well. It was literally my best year yet. I was able to buckle down and focus on growing the business. 2018 was a success.

2019 WOTY

My 2019 WOTY is Consistent. My focus areas where I want to apply my WOTY are:

  1. Spirituality -  It’s a constant ongoing effort, every year forever and ever.

  2. Husband - I need to make more sacrifices and listen, hear and achieve his needs.

  3. Family - Carve out more time for my family.

  4. Finances - Save money. Point blank...stop the nonsense.

Spirituality -  This is a constant ongoing effort, every year forever and ever. I can’t do anything in life if this is not in order so this is kind of a given for me. My plan in growing in this area is to consistently attend bible study, consistently participate in my church’s women’s ministry and try to attend mass one extra time a week/month.

Husband - I need to make more sacrifices and genuinely listen to what Eric needs so I can support him. He is my number one priority in my world and will always be at the forefront of all my life plans and goals. I do all that I do so that one day I can give him the whole world. These first 6 months of the year are going to be tough for him (and me by association). He’s working a full time job, going to school 30 plus hours a week and needs to look for a job because his contract with Experian is up in March. I need to consistently listen to what he needs from me instead of what I selfishly want from him because he needs all the support he can get. This is hard for me to do because I’m VERY needy when it comes to my time with Eric. I protect it like a war zone.

Family - Carve out more consistent time for my family. All that this life has to offer me lies in the love and moments that I spend with them. I want more of that and need to schedule it in my calendar to make sure it happens. So far I’ve been making time on Thursday evenings and some Fridays to spend quality time with my niece and nephew. I hope to continue seeing them on a weekly basis.

Finances - Save money. Point blank...stop the nonsense. Stop overspending, stop eating out so much, stop not sticking to plans, play myself the same amount consistently every. single. month. This one kind of goes hand and hand with my business. As for my business goals, I want to be consistent in my day to day operations. Last year I spent the last few months of the year getting my systems organized (I just learned that this is a gift I possess: to gather mass amounts of data, break it down, categorize it in sequential order and then create a strategy) down to what I do at each given hour on each given day. I also have a new team member who is amazing and pivotal in me achieving these goals because I can’t do this life alone. These systems I created have allowed me to live each day purposefully and intentionally by consistently doing what will eventually help me achieve my overall 2019 goal.

As an added bonus (because I’m such an over achiever), I hired a personal trainer last year who has been helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. We’ve been seeing each other consistently for two months and it’s made a world of difference in my energy, health and overall appearance.

I chose consistency because I want to start protecting my time more to be able to focus on what I’m doing and do it well all year long. If I’m consistent in what I do that means I made a plan and carved out time for what I’ve already committed to. This means I’m going to be saying no to a lot more things but I’m okay with that. All year long people ask me to have coffee or do a styled shoot but if it disrupts my overall goal to be consistent in what I’m already doing it, I’ve got t turn it away. A wise woman once told me, “when you say yes to something you’re saying no to something else.” For me, being consistent means:

  • I want to show up

  • Stick to the plan

  • Abide by the same rules that I set

  • Stop breaking promises to myself

  • Make more time for the good stuff

  • I want to power through [whatever I’ve committed to working on]

  • I want to finish strong

Over the years of investing in #AllTheThings that I’ve invested in I came up with a system to help me flesh out my WOTY every year. I ask myself thought provoking questions to help me design a plan for what I want my days, weeks, months and year to look like. That’s how I came up with my word consistently every year (you see what I did there). I’d love to hear what your word is this year and if you need support, please connect with me.


My 2017 WOTY was Grace in case you were curious.