Palm Springs and The Parker

You guys have got to check this venue out, it is literally to die for. Now, I hope to sway those of you without a venue to check it out if you are on a hunt for an artful and elegant space to host a unique wedding (I'm not sponsored by The Parker just love the place). If you have your venue picked out then I suggest going on a date to Palm Springs for patio brunch and be sure to stop by The Parker to check out all the neatness. The Parker is one of those you-have-to-visit-at-least-once type of places. Here is a little bit of music to get you into the Palm Springs party mood while you read all about this gem of a place. 

I always dreaded going to Palm Springs because we spent a lot of our childhood there because we had family in PS. It was so hot and dry and so did not appreciate it at all. NOW that I am old enough to wear cute strappy heels, shop on my own and drink mojitos on the patio, well its a "whole new world" (as Ariel would have it).

Plus downtown Palm Springs is charming and so hip (not hipster) but hip as in happening. They have a range of eateries to choose from and patio seating which is perfect right now (Jan - March say the locals). When you are out and about frolicking about the pink painted stucko buildings you are sun-kissed by the intense warmth that Palm Springs is known for. But seek refuge under patio dining and the sweet whistling of the wind (and a Blue Lemonade Margarita) will cool you right down. We stopped by Alibi Azule for lunch on the patio and were very satisfied, service was great too. The passers by make for good entertainment with their over-the-top amazing sun hats and doggies in strollers...yes fur babies in strollers is a thing- I saw it with my eyes. Moral of the story, go to Palm Springs. For those of you not planning a wedding, grab your bestie and head on down for brunch then stop by the Cabazon outlets to do a little more shopping and maybe slip some of your quarters into the slot machines at Casino Morongo ;) If you do decide to check this place out for your wedding be sure to make an appointment because the only way to get a tour is to schedule an appointment with the coordinator. 

Ladies, be sure to wear your short summer dress (of course, keep it classy) and opened-toed strappy wedges. Fellas, your stylish summer shorts and boat shoes are welcomed.