What is an Engagement Session

 What is an Engagement Session

In this post I’ll explain what your wedding engagement pictures are and the purpose in doing them aside from the incredible photos you get as a result. There is nothing to hide about being in love and relishing in the fact that you’ve made one of the most sacred decisions you can make as a couple is something to be proud of. You’ll be spending forever together and why not document that incredible commitment.

How to Plan a Korean American Wedding Ceremony

How to Plan a Korean American Wedding Ceremony

In this post I’m going to explain how to incorporate Paebaek-- the traditional Korean ceremony--into your western style wedding day. We are cross-cultural wedding planners, which means we help couples from diverse backgrounds infuse traditional elements into their American wedding.

5 Creative Wedding Professionals You Didn’t Know Existed

But will totally take your wedding to the next level of awesomeness for a totally YOU-nique wedding.

ONE: @TheFotoBoothBus - Photo booths are so FUN plus they double as memorable favors for your guests. The Foto Booth Bus literally puts a spin on the modern photo booth. Check it out at 

TWO: @FloralyLinda - Artisan flower preservation to preserve your wedding memories foreva! You'll never have to let go of your wedding day bouquet.

THREE: @EventPainter - Turn your moment into a masterpiece with this mind blowing LIVE event painter. You guys, c’mon, I just can’t...this has to be one of my all time fave ideas.

FOUR: @KnotandBow - Confetti balloons were made for the ULTIMATE honeymoon send off. A party cannot be complete without a confetti party

FIVE: @SilkandWillow -  Because I am all about personal details and special touches, plant dyed silk ribbons are the perfect pairing for your gorgeous bouquet.

My Wedding Day Story

I planned my own wedding and not having a planner or at the very least an event manager is one of my biggest regrets from my planning experience. I settled a lot, I let opinions of others influence my decisions, I was deceived by my Pinterest wedding board, I budgeted incorrectly and I spent very little days of my engagement with my bride tribe or on date nights with my fiancé. 

Weddings by Roxanne Hunt | Officiant Services

Wedding officiants play a very important role in your wedding day. After all, they are the ones that lead the declaration of your marriage and commitment. Hold on...can you re-read that sentence again?! Officiants are the ones that lead the declaration of your marriage and commitment

Irene Cole Photography | Film + Digital

I've been seeing a subtle shift in photographers business descriptions lately. The word 'film' is popping up more and more with my friendors. My thought when I first saw this was that that the photographer is able to capture moving images and a motion film comes out of it....funny right?! Here is the thing...

Destination Wedding Experience

My advice for any bride that is planning her wedding would be to never feel forced into doing anything that relates to your wedding details. For example, asking someone to be in your bridal party, inviting someone out of courtesy, saying "Yes" to something you don't necessarily agree with, or taking on something that's out of your budget. I think that there is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding. In the end, your wedding day should ultimately convey your love story and your sense of style as a couple.

Organize your Wedding Planning Folder

Organize your Wedding Planning Folder

In this post I’m going to outline how to organize your wedding planning binder. I’ll walk you through labels and descriptions of what each section should/could look like as you move through this fun journey. Nowadays I do everything online so it’s rare for me to need a folder. If you prefer virtual organization, refer to Wedding Organiser Folder (for a list of items to purchase for your binder scroll down to the bottom of this post).

Preparing for Your Engagement Shoot

When I did my engagement shoot I remember being nervous because I had never been professionally photographed that way. I was thinking what should I wear? where should we go? Eek….so many questions but this blog will provide clarity so you can enjoy your session.

Congrats on your engagement! What to do next?!

First, narrow down the theme or the setting. Do you imagine dancing with the love of your life in a country barn in cowgirl boots, or under the stars in a whimsical woodland scene, or with your toes wiggling in the sand at your no-shoes required beach extravaganza?

Top 5 Favorite 'First Dance Songs'

Whether its under the stars, alongside the coastline, in the twinkled gazebo, amidst the sequoia trees, or with grand chandeliers above you - the 'First Dance' is one of the most magical moments. It's the first alone time-intimate time- you get after all the fun-ness you've been having. Seriously everything else is a blur and you are zoned in on your best friend.

Southern California Wedding Planning

"When you have passion, you will not back up when you get knocked down-and you will get knocked down- over and over again. That's what winning is all about." - Elizabeth Holmes

Creative workstation at Michelle Isabel

Creative workstation at Michelle Isabel

Yesterday I gave my notice resigning as a full-time events planner from a top higher education institution. And the craziest thing happened...the opportunity for an offer from a Fortune 500 company came along to go work in one of thee most sought out cities in CA with amazing benefits and relocation fees covered. I didn't even apply for the job yet here is this awesome offer at a pivotal point in my life I might add. My husband and I always talked about making the move up the northern coast of California. Now that the opportunity is in front of us, what to do. Then I started to think about why I was leaving my job and what drove me away in the first place. Job security and great pay sound nice but its too easy. For one, its still a 9-5. It means I am confined to my desk for 8 hours. Its me working for someone else and making money for someone else. Its me suppressing my creative juices. Its me not making executive decisions. Its everything that I have, up to this point, discovered I don't want to do. 

As the reality sets in that I am finally doing this...finally taking my passion and turning it into a business...taking a ginormous leap of faith, obv the feelings of insecurity try to creep in, "what if I fail?" "what if I don't get any clients?" "what if I am wrong?" what if I get a bad review?" Then I read that awesome quote from self-made Female billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes. I have to remember that it hasn't been easy for anyone that is successful- it comes at a price. I had to ask myself if I am willing to pay that price. I SUPER AM AND I AM SUPER EXCITED!

The Griffith Observatory Engagement Shoot, Los Angeles

Engagement Sessions are a must. These shoots are an opportunity for you to really bond with your photographer. The photographer will be documenting one of the most monumental moments in your lives as a couple so its important that you understand one another. As a couple, you need to feel comfortable with your photographer to ensure that your photographer can capture the most natural images.

Wedding Day Programs

Every detail- and in this particular case- every piece of stationary will have meaning down to the font family used. I am going to work on it like I am getting it ready to walk down the runway or like its about to have a 6 page spread published on it.