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We ran a poll a few weeks ago with our followers and many of them didn’t know our blog existed as a resource for planning a wedding. Every week on Tuesday we post a new blog and every other week you get a round up of the blogs when you sign up to our newsletter, which you can do here.

Last week was the end of the first quarter so we thought we would round up our most popular blog posts to kick off the new quarter in case you missed any of our juicy posts. But before that we’d like to intro ourselves if you’re new around here. We are Michelle Isabel & Co, cross cultural wedding planners helping couples from varying backgrounds blend their two cultures together by infusing traditions and heritage into their celebration with a modern twist.



OUR NUMBER ONE blog that got wild amounts of interest on Pinterest was our post about wedding budgets for 2019. It came with an uber helpful spreadsheet that is totally free. In order to get a copy into your hands all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter so you can get the spreadsheet delivered straight to your inbox. It even comes with a real sample wedding budget from a wedding we planned last year in Orange County, CA at a private residence. If you’d like to get your hands on your own copy, you can do so by signing up yourself. Or fill out the form below.


The next post that topped our analytics chart was the post where we shared the top tasks to do after you get engaged once the sparkles have settled. So if you find yourself in the beginning stages of the planning process this is the perfect post to help you start your journey. We outline he steps that we take to help newly engaged couples go from ring-selfie excitement to wedding planning mode seamlessly.


Locating the perfect wedding venue is one of the most stressful parts of the planning process. It can quickly lead to overwhelm and paralysis because you can’t move forward with the actual planning of your wedding without the venue. In this post we help you find the perfect wedding venue by taking you through the process we take with our clients.


Once a couple finds their venue there is confusion as to what a wedding planner does and how it’s different from what a venue coordinator does. To help you distinguish the two we wrote a post outlining the roles and responsibilities of a venue coordinator because what you’re most likely looking for is the support from a wedding planner.


Once you have your venue reserved and your wedding planner booked, we wrote out the process we use to help our clients plan their engagement session. There are a lot of moving pieces and places where you can save some serious cash so we encourage you check it out.


We wrote a blog that outlined some of our favorite partners to work with to help you with your wedding journey. We believe that you should only hire professionals for your big day to save you stress, money and of course give you peace of mind on your wedding day.


Lastly, as Spring couples wrap up the last of their wedding details, this post proved very popular. There are so many little things to think about in the weeks leading up to the big day and wedding day stationery is one of those. Depending on how many details you have, this could be a big project or as simple as ordering table numbers and name cards.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup and found the links useful for your wedding planning journey. We encourage to sign to our newsletter so that you can enjoy the content and never miss a post that can help you with you wedding.

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