A Day in your Life with a Wedding Planner

Crystal-Nicole Photography

Crystal-Nicole Photography

When I ask my brides what they imagine their wedding day will look like, they show me ‘real weddings’ from the Knot or Pinterest. When I begin to research the wedding to see what vendors were used, the potential costs and which experts were commissioned; a planner or wedding consultant is at the root of it all.

Of all the vendors that work with you on your wedding no vendor spends more time with you on your wedding than the planner (this is different from a coordinator). Your planner is so involved that we schedule to see you monthly via skype of google hangout. If we have vendor meetings we’ll see you several times a month and are in constant communication via email or phone. That’s at minimum 12 times if we were to meet on a monthly basis. The three weeks leading up to your wedding we talk nearly every day and meet weekly. It’s no doubt that I log in at least 300 hours of service just for your wedding. Oh and of course on the rehearsal day, that’s easily a 6 hour day and the actual wedding day can require anywhere from 12 - 15 hours of service.

Let’s think about your day for moment so you can see what all those meetings culminate to. I’ll most likely arrive around 10 am to greet your vendors on your wedding day. Unlike other vendors I only book one event a day: yours. Let’s take the rental company, the florist and your baker for example. Rental companies typically have large inventories so they book multiple events a day and deliver to multiple locations. Since they can’t account for traffic, accidents and construction, they usually give you a three to four hour window in which they will arrive instead of an exact time. I have to be there to make sure everything is dropped off as ordered. Same goes for the florist, baker and linens who may have several deliveries.

I’ll start as early as the first vendor arrives, which could range from 9 am to noon. My assistant and I will then begin setting up the ceremony- everything from the sign-in table to the aisle flowers and programs or reserved seating signs are placed. In between ceremony setup and reception, the DJ arrives, the bar arrives, the live band arrives all awaiting my instruction. All the while reception setup needs to commence- from the welcome table to the place settings for 200, to the setup of favors, to the name cards being assorted as well as trouble shooting because the DJ and Live Band only have one outlet to share. I’m also ensuring that makeup and hair are ready for when the photographer and videographer arrive to your getting ready location as well as confirming with transportation that they will arrive on time.

After setup management and coordination are complete, the actual wedding day formalities take place such as escorting your guests, receiving the bride and groom, pinning the bout, cueing the processional, arranging the grand entrance, preparing the speakers for toasts and speeches etc.

And then there is the breakdown of your wedding day. Managing and overseeing that your vendor’s’ items are all accounted for and un-damaged is a major wedding day task. I inspect the venue to make sure your guests haven’t damaged the property so that you get your deposit back. Then everything that is personally yours from the bridal on-suite to left-over cake and centerpieces, I pack that up for you in the boxes that they came in and place them in your vehicle.

And all this I do to ensure that you have the best day of your life and that it's as stress-free possible simply because the nature of events are organized chaos. I then give you a huge hug and wish you and your partner a happily ever after.