Photo By Crystal Nicole Photography

Photo By Crystal Nicole Photography

The other day at one of our events a guest came up to me and asked if I ever get bored of weddings. My business in weddings doesn't come from the idea of artfully and skillfully planning a pretty celebration, even if it is what we do here. I wholeheartedly believe marriages are sacred and special. And most of all, that the two people who are getting married are unique and have an extraordinary tale to tell about this new life they are starting as husband and wife. You don't just choose to spend the rest of your life with someone out of the blue. Whether she loves the way he makes her feel safe or he loves the way she makes him laugh, their union is precious. That's not something just anyone can be a part of and that is something to honor and celebrate.

I genuinely care about each and every wedding and couple I come across. No wedding or couple is the same. That moment I get the call from an excited bride inquiring into my services, calling me in between walking to her lunch break because one, she's a boss lady and two, she is finishing up her master's program and can only chat on her lunch, sends butterflies to my stomach. And once they've booked with me, that first planning phone call we have to share all the details are precious because that's where I start to learn how they speak to each other, care for each other, listen to each other, make compromises and maybe even bicker because she wants a videographer and he doesn't think a 1.5 min video is worth the cash. And that's where I fall in love with my clients. I KNOW that not everyone gets to be a part of something so intimate as this. Most of us keep our challenges private but I get to be fully engulfed in it by helping and guiding them along every step of the way. And THAT is a blessing. The moment I meet a couple for the first time in person, we greet each other with a big hug and that feeling is priceless. Then on the wedding day while I'm running around, crawling on the floor, looking for a plug for the DJ, looking for the missing tequila, cringing at the cake being transported right before my eyes that could topple at any minute, the caterer is running behind so we're praying hard in the back that Pastor Dan will go a little longer on his speech, I pop in to the bridal suite to check in with the wedding party and I see my bride smiling and laughing with her girls- she has no idea what's going on in the background [insert gif of me peaking in the door with a big smile while the whole place behind me is on fire]. I pop into the grooms suite to say hello because they are always okay and they all give me high fives and compliment me on my tool belt. And then you guys, the first look happens and I'm like dying in the background quivering my lip hoping no one turns to see me because they are going to see the ugly Kim Kardashian cry. All this to say that I will never ever get bored of weddings. I'm beyond grateful when a couple chooses me and invites me into their intimate lives and I would never ever take that for granted.

Michelle Isabel & Co is now a WE instead of an I because it broke my heart to turn people away. But, I'm 100% involved with every single client that walks through my "doors". How can I not be when the best part of this job is to get to know our couples and understand the details. I chose "The Truth of the Story Lies in the Details" as our tag line for a reason. Yes, everyone gets married but it's in the small details that you learn about their specific story. It's in the farm animal illustrations the couple chose because they dream of living on a farm, its the luggage tag favors for the Mr. and Mrs. Wanderlust, the individually personalized wine bottles for the vino lovers, it's the slider station for all the American sports fans, it's the charity place cards the couple chose to donate funds to on their guests behalf, it's the color palette representing the couples patriotism to our beautiful country. And the list goes on...

Michelle Isabel & Co fundamentally believes that marriage is a calling and not just a reason to throw the bash of your lifetime. We devote ourselves with all our hearts and time, sometimes missing our weekends with family and self care, to personalizing your wedding experience and to make sure you're having the wedding you dreamed you would. If that's what you're looking for, I'll be there every step of the way with you!