Crystal Nicole Studios

Crystal Nicole Studios


It's not that you can't plan, Pinterest or aren't super organized; but there is more to planning a wedding than that. It's the silent but critical details, the never-ending emails, paralysis by analysis, uncertainty of what to prioritize, information overload, and decision fatigue to name a few. In theory, you only get to do this once so we need to get it right the first time.


I believe that human relationships are the most important thing this life has to offer us. It’s easy to be busy these days and as a result we’re disconnected from the people we care so deeply about. There are few occasions in which we get to gather with the people that we love. Weddings remain that one tradition where our family and friends will move mountains to witness the start of a marriage. When two people make the conscious decision to #LifeTogether for the rest of their existence, it’s something to be celebrated in BIG way. There is an art to hosting your VIPs that I’ve mastered and I want to share it with you. With over 3,000 events under my belt I’ve developed the Wedd Well process, which I’ll go into a little more detail later. From corporate events, galas, marathons, press events, and weddings, I realized how much I enjoy helping couples brave this uncharted territory. My studies as a pre-law major prepped me for reviewing and negotiating contracts as well as helped me develop a method of research to partner you up with the team that fits you best. I equip you with the most up to date tools so nothing falls through the cracks- emails alone won't cut it these days. While design is a top priority for me, I'm not an over the top designer looking to bedazzle every inch of the table. There is an intentional and understated elegance to my designs that are aspirational and refined.


Michelle Isabel & Co wouldn’t be what it is today without my team. My team and I work with couples that want a wedding that is different from others they've seen but still want it to feel like a wedding. Our clients value time, family, quality service and experiences. We guide you throughout the entire planning process to make sure no stone is left unturned. We encourage you to dream big and help you merge your styles and traditions with a modern twist. As much as you're tempted to be a worry wart (it’s in your nature and that’s okay), we'll remind you that we've got it covered. On your wedding day, the only thing you need to do is wake up (maybe do a little yoga) and we’ll do the rest. This is what we call the Wedd Well experience and we want you to WEDD WELL!

If this sounds like what you want your wedding day to be like, click here.



crystal nicole studios

crystal nicole studios

Michelle, CEO & Lead Planner

I'm from a quaint town in Southern California where I live with my husband and three fur babies. We enjoy the freedom we currently have to get up and go as we please, indulge in new experiences and go on adventures.

A few of my favorite things are:

  • Taking my niece and nephew on interrupted auntie dates.

  • I’m fearful of the direction our earth is headed so through my everyday diet, I hope to help save the planet.

  • The little things set my hear on fire such as reading on my patio, drinking coffee slowly, lighting a non-sweet or spiced scented candle, cheese and wine boards, game nights, beach days and sitting under the sun (I’m one of those alien people that are always cold).

  • Exploring news places or visiting my two favorite regions: Sausalito and the Amalfi Coast.

  • If I could afford to eat sushi every single day, I would.

  • I turn to the bible for personal + business decisions.


I am very fortunate to have found my passion in a business where I get to serve others. Helping you manage the stresses of your wedding journey is my calling. Private estate weddings and coastal venues are my absolute fave- they present challenges but venues with views are all that you really need sometimes.

crystal nicole photography

crystal nicole photography

Desiree, Production Assistant

A military wife, a recent momma to a sweet boy and a graduate in Social Service, Desiree is the end-all-be-all production assistant on wedding days. Her attention to detail, professional demeanor and savvy problem solving skills make here an invaluable asset to Michelle Isabel & Co. Whether it's adjusting cake flowers or fluffing dresses, Desiree is at EVERY wedding with a beautiful smile and a can-do attitude.


Meghan, Client Concierge

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